Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board of the Centre for Fundamental Rights is an independent student body that acts as a link between the Centre and the students of the Hertie School. The Student Advisory Board organises student-led events and provides advice on programming, events and other activities hosted by the Centre.

Members of the Student Advisory Board for the academic year 2021/2022: 

Alena Dietl is a first year MPP student at the Hertie School. She has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and puts a lot of her energy into activism with Amnesty International. Alena has a particular interest in the link between the climate crisis and human rights.

Ankita Goswami is a second year MPP student at the Hertie School. She did her bachelor’s in law and worked as human rights lawyer for three years, specialising in child abuse and citizenship ligitations. Her research interests are migration, minority rights, children and women welfare. 

Laura Hamilton is a first year pursuing the Master in International Affairs at the Hertie School. Prior to coming to Hertie, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Global Studies and a BS in Statistics and Analytics. She is primarily interested in the consequences of the climate crisis as they relate to human rights and displacement. 

Cosima Jiyun Klatte joined the MIA in 2019 after completing her BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major in governance. Following her PY at the German Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs, she is currently at Sciences Po for her semester abroad. Her academic interests lie at the nexus between security, human rights, migration as well as the climate crisis, and she enjoys adopting critical lenses, including feminist, indigenous or postcolonial perspectives.

Marina Luna joined Hertie School for the MPP in 2020. Her main topics of interests are migration, human rights and social policy. Marina worked as a policy advisor with integration policies for immigrants in the Human Rights Office at S?o Paulo City Hall. She previoulsy worked with international advocacy for human rights in civil society organizations and in the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights. Marina holds a bachelor in International Relations from the University of S?o Paulo.

Shruthi Naik is a first year MPP student at the Hertie School. She is a lawyer by background and has worked extensively on judicial reforms policy and understanding issues related to access to justice in India. Her main areas of interest include access to justice and legal system reform.

Malte Spielmann joined Hertie for a MPP in September 2020. His personal research interests are the role of law in authoritarian systems, the European human rights regime, and the intersections of jurisprudence and critical theories. He is passionate about public policies that are not just in conformity with but actually guided by human rights norms.

Brian Weatherby joined the Hertie School’s MPP program in 2021. He is interested in the spaces where fundamental rights intersect with topics like migration, privacy and technology. Prior to joining Hertie, Brian was a policy researcher and deputy director with STAND Canada - an organisation that advocates for making genocide prevention a cornerstone of Canadian foreign policy.

Former members of the Student Advisory Board

Academic year 2020/2021

  • David Backovsky, MIA 2022
  • Alena Dietl, MPP 2022 
  • Benedikt Hecking, MIA 2021
  • Etienne H?ra, MIA 2022
  • Marina Luna, MPP 2022
  • Elise Racine, EMPA 2021
  • Ion Schidu, EMPA 2021
  • Malte Spielmann, MPP 2022

Academic year 2019/2020

  • Dania Abu-Sharkh, MIA 2021
  • Asma Alabed, MIA 2021        
  • Benedikt Hecking, MIA 2021
  • Elizabeth Hannah Leach, MPP 2021
  • Flore Postel-Vinay, MIA 2021