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Klaus Hurrelmann on the future of "Gen Z" climate activism

In an interview with Focus magazine, Professor of Public Health and Education assesses the prospects of movements like "Fridays for Future".

In the months before the pandemic, youth climate movements like "Fridays for Future" were gaining momentum in Germany and elsewhere. But the pandemic has made it difficult to maintain public attention on climate issues, says Professor of Public Health and Education Klaus Hurrelmann in a wide-ranging interview about the "Fridays for Future" movement with the German magazine Focus.

Hurrelmann, who authored a book about climate activism among young people – Generation Greta, nevertheless believes the "Fridays for Future" movement is still viable and can regain its momentum, despite COVID-19-related interruptions.

"The issue remains – the climate crisis will not go away because of the pandemic. Because of this, the movement has a good chance of developing into new forms and again managing to attract attention," he said in the interview.

The full interview is available here (in German).

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